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Greetings from Sites Vision Clinic

Your Clarksville & Elkton Optometrists

Welcome to the official website for Sites Vision Clinic, your hometown vision care professionals. We offer two convenient locations at 621 N Riverside Dr in Clarksville, TN and 81 Public Square East in Elkton, KY. Which site you choose, our Clarksville & Elkton optometrists are ready to offer you the same high-quality vision care and customer service that has made us a household name since 1950. Your family's eyes are in good hands at Sites Vision Clinic!

Services Offered at Sites Vision Clinic

  • Eye health and function exams - Even babies can benefit from eye health and function exams. We can examine such essentials as eye teaming, convergence, eye dominance and relative eye position. Pupil dilation and slit lamp testing help us examine the retina at the back of the eye to check for any signs of disease or injury, from glaucoma or macular degeneration to cataract development.
  • Vision testing - Our Clarksville & Elkton optometrists can determine how clearly to can see from different distances, as simulated by letters on an eye chart. If you encounter unusual difficulty at a specific distance, you'll read the letters again through a device called a phoropter as we dial in different lens combinations to measure your visual acuity precisely.
  • Contact lens exams - If you would like to correct a refractive vision disorder through te use of contact lenses, you'll be asked to take a contact lens exam in addition to the standard vision testing procedures. This allows us to measure your pupil width and corneal contours so we can fabricate a perfectly-fitted pair of contacts.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions - We can diagnose cases of hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism, enabling us to prescribe the ideal prescription for corrective lenses. If you're found to be suffering from glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or retinal detachment, we can provide the necessary treatments or referrals.
  • Eye glasses and sunglasses - Once you have your corrective lens prescription, you'll find a wide range of beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses available to you right here. Let us serve as your optical boutque!
  • Specialty glasses - Does your occupation or favorite activity call for something above and beyond the abilities of normal corrective lenses? If so, we can provide you with specialty glasses for computer work, fishing, hunting, driving, swimming and other activities.
  • Eye surgery co-management - If you've decided to correct your vision with a refractive surgery such as PRK, cataract removal or LASIK, count on our skilled team to provide the necessary pre-operative and post-operative care. We can prepare your prescription and other critical data for the surgeon and then perform follow-up exams to monitor your progress and recovery.

Contact Our Clarksville & Elkton Optometrists Today

Give your family the gift of optimal eyesight for life -- by setting your sights on Sites Vision Clinic. Call (931) 647-5237 (in Clarksville) or (270) 265-9036 (in Elkton) to schedule an exam with our Clarksville & Elkton optometrists. 

Clarksville, Tennessee

Monday 7:30 - 12:00 1:00 - 5:00
Tuesday 7:30 - 12:00 1:00 - 5:00
Wednesday 7:30 - 12:00 1:00 - 5:00
Thursday 7:30 - 12:00 1:00 - 5:00
Friday 7:30 - 12:00 Closed
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Elkton, Kentucky

Monday 8:30-12     1-4:30
Tuesday 8:30-12     1-4:30
Wednesday 8:30-12     1-4:30
Thursday Closed Closed
Friday Closed Closed
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

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