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Posted on 07-10-2017

10 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief from our Clarksville Eye Doctor

Our Clarksville eye doctor can help you find relief from computer eye strain. Get our top 10 tips for relieving eye strain and uncomfortable symptoms. tips for computer eye strain relief from your clarksville eye doctor

1. Use proper posture and ergonomics 

If your eyes hurt while using the computer, you may be too close or far from the monitor. The ideal distance is to sit one arm's length away from your monitor, with the top of the screen level with your eyes. 

2. Blink 

Blinking moisturizes your eyes, decreasing dry eye and discomfort. 

3. Reduce monitor glare

Reduce the glare from the computer screen by wearing computer glasses or using a glare shield on your computer. 

4. Take breaks

Taking a break from the computer decreases neck pain as well as eye strain, so get up and walk around your office. 

5. Focus on something far away

To give your eyes a break from staring at a screen, focus on something far away, such as a poster across your office. 

6. Massage your eyes

Massage the muscles around your eyes to soothe tired muscles and give your eyes a break. 

7. Avoid fluorescent lights 

While they're common in offices, these lights irritate your eyes. Switch to indirect lighting to find comfort. 

8.  Get computer glasses

Computer glasses increase comfort while working, especially for those who wear progressive lenses, bifocals, or contact lenses. These glasses block blue light emitted by the screen. 

9. Adjust brightness

Turning down the brightness on your monitor can decrease computer eye strain. 

10. Get your eyes checked by our optometrist 

Our optometrist can help relieve eye strain and discomfort by making sure you have the right prescription. Whenever you feel a strain or discomfort in your eyes, seek optometry care. 

See Our Elkton Eye Doctor Today

Our Elkton eye doctor can help you find the solution for your computer eye strain. Reserve your appointment at our optometry clinics online or give us a call. To reserve an appointment in Elkton, call (270) 265-9036. If you'd rather see our Clarksville eye doctor, dial (931) 647-5237. 

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