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Posted on 06-21-2017

What Causes Dry Eye? Learn More with our Elkton and Clarksville Optometrist

A lack of tears or low-quality tears marks the condition known as dry eye. We all experience dry eyes occasionally, but consistently lacking moisture is a medical condition. Eyes need tears to lubricate their surface and protect eyesight. If you have dry eyes, an Elkton or Clarksville optometrist can help you understand why and prescribe a suitable treatment. dry eye causes from your optometrist in elkton and clarksville

Causes of Dry Eye

Determining the cause of dry eye will help our optometrist choose the right treatment option for each patient. There are five main reasons individuals develop dry eyes which include: 

  1. Environment - Living or working in an arid, smoky, or windy environment can result in abnormally fast tear evaporation. If you spend much time in an environment like this and do not blink frequently enough, your eyes might become chronically dry. 
  2. Medications - Some medications such as antihistamines, decongestants, anti-depressants, and certain blood pressure medications can cause your eyes to produce fewer tears. 
  3. Medical Conditions - Any illnesses which result in inflammation of the structures in or around the eye such as blepharitis can inhibit tear production. In addition, conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems, and arthritis can also affect the production of tears. 
  4. Age - A natural part of aging, as we grow older, our eyes do not produce as many tears, which can lead to dry eye as a result of aging. 
  5. Gender - Hormonal changes in women can make them more likely to experience dry eye during pregnancy or while using hormone-based contraceptives. 

In addition, sometimes the long-term use of contact lenses or certain eye surgeries can also lead to dry eye. By understanding what causes your dry eyes, we can help you find a suitable treatment. 

See a Clarksville or Elkton Eye Doctor Today!

If you think you might have dry eye, we encourage you to preserve your eyesight by scheduling an appointment with a Clarksville or Elkton eye doctor right away. Contact us at (931) 647-5237 or (270) 265-9036. We look forward to seeing you!

Have you used eye drops to moisten your eyes?

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