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Contact Lens Exams In Clarksville And Elkton

Many people who undergo vision testing to diagnose and correct a refractive error are taken by surprise when they ask for contact lenses and find out they need an additional exam. But that's no problem, because Sites Vision Clinic offers high-quality contact lens exams in Clarksville and Elkton.  A contact lens exam is absolutely necessary if you want to receive accurately-fitted lenses that are safe and comfortable to wear while also achieving the sharp, clear vision you expect from them. It's also important for determining what kind of contact lenses make the best sense for your eyes, overall health and lifestyle. 

contact lens on finger at clarksville optometrist

Why does your eye doctor need to perform an additional exam simply to equip you with contact lenses? For one thing, contact lenses don't merely sit on your nose like glasses do -- they must actually conform to the precise contours of your cornea, with a viewing correction area that matches up with your pupils. This requires us to take precise measurements of the pupils, irises and corneas. Keratometry provides us with a basic idea of the corneal contours based on small sampling of the cornea's refraction pattern. For more detailed information, we may also use a digital process known as corneal topography.

Fitting Contact Lenses For Dry Eye And Other Eye Conditions

Eye health and comfort is another important issue evaluated by your optometrist in Elkton or Clarskville during a contact lens exam. Dry eye syndrome is a potential obstacle, so we will evaluate your tear film to check for the condition. If you do have dry eye syndrome, you eye doctor may recommend special contacts designed to keep the eye hydrated. Giant papillary conjunctivitis, an eyelid irritation caused by accumulated proteins, can also be a concern; your eye doctor may suggest daily disposable lenses to avoid irritation.

Certain vision problems may also call for specialized contact lenses. For example, people who have keratoconus (a con-like outward bulging of thin, unstable corneal tissue) are best served by scleral contacts that sit, not on the cornea itself, but on the white the eye surrounding the cornea. Presbyopia sufferers who would need multifocal glasses will also need the contact lens equivalent, with several vision fields contains on the tiny lens surface. Astigmatism sufferers need contacts that will sit still instead of rotating on the eye; this is achieved with toric contacts that are ballasted to remain in one position.

Even your everyday habits and preferences can affect what kind of contacts you need. An extremely active lifestyle may call for daily-wear disposable lenses, while people who hate having to clean contacts will be happier with extended-wear or planned-replacement lenses. Our optometrist in Elkton or Clarksville will discuss these considerations with you.

Ask Your Clarksville or Elkton Optometrist About Contact Lens Exams

Find out what kind of contact lenses are perfect for you. Ask your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist about contact lens exams the next time you undergo vision testing at Sites Vision Clinic! Call us today to schedule your first contact lens exam.

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