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Your Source for Hard to Fit Elkton and Clarksville Contact Lenses

When your vision has become less than optimal due to a refractive error (an abnormal eye/cornea shape that affects the refraction of incoming light), you might assume that correcting that problem with a pair of Elkton or Clarksville contact lenses should be a snap. But it's not always as easy as that for individuals whose visual condition or health circumstances make their eyes hard to fit with contacts. Fortunately, your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist at Sites Vision Clinic (Dr. Clif Sites, Dr. Brian Murray or Dr. Paula Murray) can provide hard to fit contact lenses for those who need them.

Woman putting in hard to fit contact lenses in clarksville or elkerton

Hard to Fit Eye Conditions

What makes a contact lens "hard to fit?" This term may apply to any of several situations in which ordinary soft or disposable single-vision contact lenses aren't an ideal choice. In some cases, eye health or systemic health problems can complicate matters. Examples include:

  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis, in which the eyelids are sensitive to the proteins that can accumulate on contact lenses
  • Dry eyes, which makes the eyes more prone than usual to irritation and injury
  • Keratoconus, a conical bulging of corneas that are abnormally thin or weak

In other cases, the nature of the refractive error goes beyond that ordinary contacts can correct. For instance, astigmatism creates aberrations on specific parts of the cornea, and an ordinary single-vision lens is too likely to rotate for accurate correction of these areas. Presbyopia creates the need for correcting more than one field of vision simultaneously. Very strong corrective prescriptions may also need more than a soft lens can provide.

What to Expect During Your Clarksville or Elkton Exam

Your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist at Sites Vision Clinic will diagnose any hard to fit conditions you may have during your contact lens exam. We don't take corneal measurements during this exam; we also examine your tear film to determine whether you suffer from eye eyes. Modern contact lens technology makes it possible to prescribe specific products made from hydrogel material that make it possible even for dry eyes to wear contacts safely and comfortably. If you suffer from giant papillary conjunctivitis, we may recommend daily disposable contacts to minimize eyelid irritation. 

In many cases we recommend rid gas permeable lenses over soft lenses. These lenses can correct severe myopia or hyperopia better than their soft equivalents, offering supremely precise visual clarity. The can also correct for presbyopia by employing both near and distance correction in alternating or discreet parts of the lens. Toric lenses, which are specially designed not to shift their position on the eye, can correct astigmatism accurately. Even keratoconus patients can use rigid scleral contacts that sit on the white of the eye instead of the cornea itself.

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Don't assume you can't wear contacts until you've discussed hard to fit contact lenses with your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist. Call either of our locations to schedule a contact lens exam!

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