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Your Elkton Optometrist at Sites Vision Clinic Offers Specialty Contact Lenses

Some people wear eyeglasses happily, while others would prefer contact lenses. But many in the latter group feel they have no choice because they "can't wear contacts" due to a particular eye sensitivity issue, refractive problem or other barrier. But ordinary soft contacts aren't the only option available. Any Elkton optometrist at Sites Vision Clinic can provide you with specialty contact lenses for those hard-to-fit scenarios.

Woman putting a contact lens into her eye

When Ordinary Contacts Won't Do

For many lucky individuals, "generic" soft contacts do an excellent job of correcting simple refractive disorders, especially when there are no complicating health or lifestyle factors to consider. But other people have some extra obstacles to overcome if they want to enjoy clear vision safely and comfortably. For example, soft contacts tend to collected stray proteins over time, and in some sensitive individuals this can cause a form of irritation called giant papillary conjunctivitis, or GPC. Chronic dry eye may be made worse by the wrong kind of contact lens, while complex or strong vision prescriptions (presbyopia, astigmatism, severe myopia) may need more accurate correction than regular soft lenses can provide. If you have a condition called keratoconus, which deforms the contours of the cornea into a cone-like bulge, ordinary lenses may not be able to correct your vision adequately.

Specialized Options from Our Eye Doctor

If you'd already given up on being able to wear contacts, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise from your eye doctor at Sites Vision Clinic. A detailed contact lens exam allows us to discuss your particular eye condition, sensitivity or other obstacle to normal contact lens wear. Your Elkton optometrist can then recommend specialized options such as:

  • Rigid gas permeable lenses - RGP lenses maintain their shape instead of conforming to the eye, enabling them to correct stronger prescriptions accurately.
  • Toric lenses - Toric lenses are an excellent choice for astigmatism, which is characterized by imperfections in specific areas of the cornea. These lenses stay put instead of shifting around, allowing them to correct for these imperfections.
  • Scleral lenses - Scleral lenses extend completely over the cornea without contacting it, giving you a "second cornea" to compensate for keratoconus. These lenses are also good at holding moisture for dry eye sufferers.
  • Multifocal lenses - Presbyopia is a complex refractive error that requires correction for more than one distance range. Multifocal lenses perform the same role as multifocal glasses, including multiple corrective fields so you can see clearly at all distances.

Contact Your Elkton Optometrist Today

If you're in need of Elkton or Clarksville contact lenses for that hard-to-fit condition or situation, make your search a lot quicker and easier by going straight to the source. Call us at (931) 647-5237 to schedule a contact lens exam so our eye doctor can determine which specialty contacts will give you the best combination of clarity and comfort!

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