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Pediatric Eye Exams From Your Elkton and Clarksville Optometrist​

Children grow up so fast, and ideally, their eyes and visual processing abilities grow and develop at the same sure pace. But eye health issues, functional abnormalities, and refractive errors can interfere with this formative period, impairing your children's visual acuity, their physical coordination, and possibly even their ability to keep up in school. Pediatric eye exams are therefore critical to ensure that any such obstacles are identified and dealt with as early as possible. Here at Sites Vision Clinic, any Elkton or Clarksville optometrist on our experienced team can perform such exams at regularly scheduled intervals.

pediatric eye exams from elkton and clarksville optometrist

Children's Eye and Vision Challenges

We imagine that the world seems endlessly engaging as seen through the eyes of a child -- but for the first few months of life, that view is much less impressive than you might think. Newborn infants have yet to learn how to coordinate their eyes with each other, and with the brain's vision center, to produce clear images. As these skills begin to develop, certain problems that can derail the process may become apparent. These include:

  • Strabismus - An eye alignment problem that can create blurred vision
  • Convergence errors - A problem with focus that may result in double vision
  • Amblyopia - A condition in which the brain chooses to minimize or ignore images from one of the eyes, impairing binocular vision

These issues can cause long-term vision troubles which in turn affect balance, hand-to-eye coordination, and even everyday safety. As your child learns to read and write, refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness may produce eye strain and lead to poor academic performance.

Critical Evaluations From Your Pediatric Eye Doctor

Your pediatric eye doctor at Sites Vision Clinic will want to get your child's ocular well-being off to a good start by performing three essential eye exams. Your child's first eye exam in Elkton or Clarksville, which should occur at the age of 6 months, focuses on detecting physical abnormalities and problems with eye teaming, tracking and focus. The second exam, which occurs at age 3, involves both functional evaluations and refractive testing. Since your child can now communicate with us, your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist can get a better understanding of what he's seeing. The third major exam occurs when your child is ready to enter school. Detailed visual acuity testing is critical so we can detect refractive errors and fit your child with eyeglasses.

As your child progresses through the school years, your Clarksville or Elkton optometrist will schedule an exam every other year unless we're treating an ongoing problem, in which case annual exams are recommended.

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A routine eye exam in Elkton or Clarksville can make all the difference in the future of your child's eyesight. Call either of our offices to schedule an eye exam in Clarksville or Elkton today! Our phone number is (931) 647-5237 We look forward to meeting with you!

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