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Sports Vision Treatment and Corrections With Your Clarksville Optometrist

Engaging in a sports activity allows you to stay healthy, but it also comes with potential risks. When you wear glasses, you want to obtain appropriate protective lenses to keep your eyes safe from the risks associated with certain sports. A Clarksville eye doctor at the Sites Vision Clinic understands that you want to protect your eyes while playing a sport. That is why we offer sports vision testing to find the right corrective lenses for your lifestyle.

Sport vision protection from clarksville or elkton optometrist

Finding Protective Eyewear in Clarksville

Protective eyewear for kids and adults in Clarksville refers to specialized options designed to protect your eyes when you play sports or engage in certain activities. At our clinic, we understand that you want to play a sport, but you also need to understand the risks to your eyes.

A key risk to consider is the possibility of an impact to your face or eyes from a ball or through certain contact sports. Regular glasses may not hold up to the impact and may actually shatter, which causes a risk to your eyes and vision. You want to wear sports glasses or corrective lenses to protect your eyes and reduce the risk of damages from the glasses when an impact occurs. You also want to keep your eyes healthy and improve your vision to prevent accidents on a field or court.

Selecting the Right Options for Your Needs

At our clinic, we offer sports vision testing to correct your vision when you play a sport. Our testing identifies the risks associated with a specific sport, like baseball, football or basketball. We then check on your current vision with an exam. Depending on the results of your vision exam, we may recommend glasses or protective lenses. The lenses help keep your eyes safe while also improving your ability to see clearly on the field or court. 

We focus on your needs and the concerns associated with your current vision. Based on our test, we recommend different lenses and protective eyewear to correct your vision. We also recommend protective eyewear for kids when you want to keep your children's eyes safe from accidents while they play sports. Children may also benefit from the protective eyewear when they do not need corrective lenses or glasses, since the eyewear protects against certain injuries.

Talking to a Clarksville Optometrist

Depending on your situation, you want to talk to an optometrist with an understanding of sports and outdoor activities. At our clinic, we recommend different lenses and corrective solutions to help keep your eyes healthy in any situation. We take your lifestyle and preferences into account and then give you the tools to find the right protective eyewear for your needs.

Sports allow you to improve your health, but you also want to consider the potential risks associated with certain games. To learn more about protecting your eyes while you engage in outdoor activities or sports, call one of our clinics today!

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